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EASY is the first book in the Contours of the Heart series by Tammara Webber and it hooked me right from the very first page. I absolutely loved EASY. It is filled with sweet, funny, sensual moments — with a touch of angst in all the right places. I loved Jacqueline and Landon/Lucas and was able to build a close connection with them immediately. Tammara Webber’s writing is AMAZING, and the story flowed like a song. There is a cute and wonderful twist that will have you smiling and laughing out loud.


EASY also touches on the subject of rape in a classy manner, all while undeniably conveying the seriousness of this horrible offense. I was happy to see that this issue was not glossed over and was handled with a delicate but effective grace that kept the story from taking a turn towards the dark side…that being said, it was still hard to learn of the circumstances and your heart will break while reading. I could see myself reacting in the same way, having the exact same thoughts. It really spoke to me, and Tammara’s notes on the end…I’ll be honest, I cried my eyes out. I hope anyone who has gone through that same situation reads this book and takes her words to heart.


Jacqueline Wallace thought that she had the perfect life when she started dating her college sweetheart, Kennedy. Unfortunately, when Kennedy decided to break up with Jacqueline without giving a good reason, Jacqueline finds herself suffering from the break up and she believed that she will never find the perfect guy for her. Lucas is the guy who rescues her and he is such a swoon-worthy hero, he works, he sketches and is such a protector. That his past was so sad made me feel for him. He was so sweet and sexy with Jacqueline as well, their gradual progression to a more intimate relationship and that moment when he asked her to say Stop, so awesome!!


Once I gave my full attention to EASY I finished it in less than twenty for hours. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves their romance with a lot of emotion; I was constantly blushing at the intensity of the scenes and putting my hand over my heart many times and holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to fall. I now know I have to continue with this heart tugging series and I’m so excited!






About the Book



Name of book: Straight Flies the Arrow

Author: Sydney Tooman Betts

Genre: Historical, adventure, Romance

Release Date: July 8, 2017

During the winter of 1841, Pacing Wolf, the esteemed leader of the Many Lodges, follows the trail of a brutal murderer, leaving behind his beloved woman, Small Doe. When his tracking party returns without him, the Sparrow Hawks’ Real Chief pronounces him dead, insisting Small Doe grieve, but she cannot bring herself to give up hope her husband will return. The coming spring offers her few choices. She can accept the courageous new warrior chosen for her or risk falling prey to his war-society rivals.

Vengeance and loyalty, hatred and faithfulness, all vie within two enemy villages, one belonging to the Sparrow Hawks and the other the Allies, threatening to crush every hope of happiness for Small Doe and everyone she loves.

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About the Author


Sydney Tooman Betts and her protagonist-husband currently reside near the extensive cavern system that inspired the setting for several early chapters of this book.

While single, Ms. Betts (B.S. Bible/Missiology, M.Ed) was involved in a variety of cross-cultural adventures in North and Central America. After marrying, she and her husband lived in Europe and the Middle East where he served in various mission-support capacities. Her teaching experiences span preschool to guest lecturing at the graduate level and serving as the Sunday School Superintendent, Children’s Church Director, or Women’s Ministries facilitator in several evangelical denominations.

Before penning her first novel, A River too Deep, she ghost-wrote several stories for an adult literacy program.

Guest Post from Sydney Tooman Betts

You know you are created for a purpose, but honestly, how much of a difference can one person make in a life filled with one foot put in front of another, cooking for a family, washing clothes, combing out tangles… You know you are created for a purpose, but honestly, how much of a difference can one person make in a life filled with one foot put in front of another, cooking for a family, washing clothes, combing out tangles… Come walk alongside one woman whose singular choice changes life for generations

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To celebrate her tour, Sydney is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card and a signed, soft-back set of The People of the Book trilogy!!

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Today my first line is from the book I’m currently reading, BAREFOOT SUMMER by Denise Hunter:



Madison McKinley scanned the crowded town hall, wondering how many of her friends and neighbors  she’d have to fight to get what she came for.










About the Book

Name of book: Colors of Christmas

Author: Olivia Newport

Genre: Contemporary Christmas

Release Date: October 1, 2017

Christmas in Blue
Angela just wants Christmas to be over. Instead, she finds herself in charge of the town’s celebration, and everything goes from bad to worse. Can she rescue Christmas for the town—and herself?

Christmas in Gold
When eighty-year-old Astrid moves into an assisted living community and meets a young woman on the brink of despair, she resolves to stir up Christmas hope one more time.

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About the Author




Olivia NewportOlivia Newport’s novels twist through time to find where faith and passions meet. Her husband and twentysomething children provide welcome distraction from the people stomping through her head on their way into her books. She chases joy in stunning Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where daylilies grow as tall as she is.


Guest Post from Olivia Newport


We All Have a Story


I’m younger than most of the people I exercise with. It started when I had a lot of pain in my feet and needed low-impact classes with the option of sitting down and learned I didn’t have to be a senior citizen to take their classes at my gym. Then I discovered how tough most of them are. Years later, though my feet are better, these are still my people.

A couple of years ago, while we waited for the younger and allegedly-but-not-really-tougher crowd to clear out of the group exercise room so we could invade it, a woman I would not have guessed to be 80, because she could out-cardio and out-lift me any day of the week, mentioned she had been widowed since she was 39. And she’d been widowed the first time at 19. And she’d grown up in Germany while Hitler was intent on destroying Europe and life was not easy.

Then the changing of the guard happened and I was left with my mouth gaping. I knew I had to hear this story. The next week after class, we went across the parking lot to Culvers for lunch and I scribbled notes on the backs of a pile of brown napkins while Astrid talked. Later she let me read the account of her life that she had written herself.

Astrid faced so many tragic circumstances, but she would be the first to tell you that God was with her even before she knew how to call on him. Many people with her life story would have found plenty of reason to wallow and stagnate. But not Astrid. Truly she is one of the most hopeful people I know.

Her story was the beginning of Colors of Christmas, which includes two stories. Astrid’s is “Christmas in Gold,” and the other is “Christmas in Blue.” Astrid inspired me to write about hope for a time of year when the Christian message resounds with hope yet so many people struggle to grasp hope for themselves. I pray these stories will help many recover a sense of hope afresh.

Olivia Newport chases joy in Colorado at the foot of the Rockies, where daylilies grow as tall as she is.

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Far From The Tree

Robin Benway

I had never heard of Robin Benway before but I am sure glad I took a chance and picked up FAR FROM THE TREE. Ms. Benway instantly hooked me and pulled me right in. Three teenagers who are dealing with adoption, bullying, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, racism, and so much more. FAR FROM THE TREE has it all. It is so raw you need to keep the tissues close by because your emotions are going to be on one crazy roller coaster ride.

FAR FROM THE TREE is the heartbreaking story of three biological siblings who have just met. Grace, the middle child, is dealing with the trauma of giving her newborn up for adoption. Maya, the youngest, is dealing wth the fallout of breaking up with her long term girlfriend. Her family is very supportive of her sexuality and she loves that, but she never really feels like she fits in with them. She tends to put up walls when people get too close. Joaquin the oldest is the hardest part of these siblings. While Grace and Maya were adopted, Joaquin spent most of his life in the foster care system, never truly feeling wanted or loved. Once the three of them meet, the way they reach out and support each other is so beautiful. I mean, they are basically strangers, but they have each other’s backs. When Joaquin admits to his sisters that he doesn’t feel worthy enough to feel love or have anyone love him, I was crying like a baby.

All the characters in FAR FROM THE TREE are very relatable and not perfect at all. You can’t help but feel each emotion that these three siblings are dealing with. When one of them was happy, I was happy. When Grace was crying, I was crying too. I love when an author does that to their readers. Robin Benway grabs her readers by the heart and never lets them go. I truly was an emotional mess after reading this heart tugging story of sibling love and the battles they face. Now that I have read FAR FROM THE TREE and discovered Robin Benway, I’m excited to read more of this new to me, auto buy from now on author. If you are looking for a contemporary YA read that is filled with heavy subject matter, but still fills you with hope, please take a chance and read FAR FROM HOME.


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More Than A Promise

Ruth Logan Herne

MORE THAN A PROMISE hooked me from the very first page and never let me go. I have been devouring Ruth Logan Herne’s books these last few weeks and she never disappoints. She is a local author and I’ve been lucky enough to find most of her books in the libraries in my area of Upstate New York. I’m trying to read every single one of them and I have many more to get through! So happy about that because Ruth’s stories tug at your heart and have you falling in love with all of her characters.

Elle Drake has returned to her small hometown nursing her broken heart. Her ex husband had a very public affair and Elle runs home to nurse her wounds. Her neighbor, Matt, is a widower with three rambunctious boys and at first, they come across as wild. Elle tries to see the best in everyone and while the rest of the town questions Matt’s child rearing, Elle knows it must not be easy. MORE THAN A PROMISE shows you how Matt’s mother in law is fighting him tooth and nail to get her grandkids away from him. When their house catches fire, Elle finds herself defending Matt to his mother in law and becomes his fake fiancé. There is so much humor in this story, you will find yourself chuckling out loud and maybe even snorting a few times. That is exactly what happened to me!

MORE THAN A PROMISE is a very realistic story in that is shows how everyone in a small town is all up in everyone else’s business and there are no secrets. Even the parish priest is spot on. Ruth Logan Herne has the reader feeling like they can easily relate to the characters and what they are going through. Yes it’s an inspirational Christian novel, but it does not preach and put the characters faith all up in your face. As Elle gets to know Matt and his boys, she can’t help falling in love with them and wanting to help. Can she help Matt find his way back to his faith? You will find yourself cheering them all along and wishing you could move to their small town and get to know them all. I love when an author can do that and that is exactly what Ruth Logan Herne does to me each and every time.


Have a great Sunday and thank you for reading!






Standalone Sunday is a fun feature created by Megan at Bookslayerreads where each Sunday you feature a standalone book (not part of a series) that you loved or would recommend. There’s so much focus on books that are part of a series… she thought it’d be nice to focus on some standalone novels, too!

Feel free to join in on this weekly feature by creating your own Standalone Sunday post! And be sure to check out Megan’s very creative blog and leave a link in her Standalone Sunday comments section so she can add your blog to the list

My Standalone Pick this week is a book I read two years ago and loved!!(see Sophie I actually read and finish books)lol





Madeline is 18-years-old and has SCID disease. Basically, she lives in the bubble of her clean house. She is allergic to everything outside. She is happy in her bubble, filled with her books, and being with her mom and her nurse, Carla. Her dad and brother were killed in a car accident when Maddie was just four-months-old. Soon after that Maddie got sick. Her mother protects her, keeps her safe, and she is also a doctor. Maddie is strong and fierce and doesn’t let her condition depress her. Maddie doesn’t give too much thought to ever going outside until that one day when new neighbors move in next door. EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is a debut novel, but you wont believe it after you read it.

Olly is her new neighbor and he is hot. Usually, Maddie doesn’t care what is going on outside her bubble world but after Olly moves in, she finds herself captivated by him. His need to protect Maddy stole my heart, especially when you learn his backstory and why he is so protective of the people he loves. One of my favorite parts of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING are the messages between Olly and Maddy. I found myself giggling like a teenager while reading them! I love seeing Maddy experience the world with Olly. He really opens her up to the possibility of more. I love the relationship that was formed between them because it felt so natural and real.

Maddie is a very unique main character, and the ending was sort of open which I felt works well with how the story went. I had a hard time putting EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING down. Even when I really needed to! This story and it’s characters completely captivated me. And on top of all that, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING is filled with several illustrations that never failed to put a huge smile on my face. I would have loved this book regardless but this was just the icing on the cake. Once I started reading I was emotionally invested in Maddie, and when Olly came along I knew I wasn’t going to be able to stop. I can’t wait to read more by Nicola Yoon and I’m recommending this story to all of my book buddies so they can smile, laugh, cry, and cheer for Maddie and Olly too.

EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING has well, everything. So many moments of sadness and joy, heartbreak and pain, love and glory. I think it is an absolute must-read for fans of John Green, or simply for anyone who enjoys a beautifully-written, meaningful and sweet contemporary fiction.


Have a great day and thanks for reading!!



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