Good morning!  Its 43 here, going up to 64 today and nothing but Carolina Blue skies. Nothing much for me today except some laundry and lots of reading! Have a wonderful Wednesday and be well!💜☕💜



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7 thoughts on “HALFWAY THERE!☕☕

  1. Good Morning, Susan. I am in Sarnia heading up to my aunt’s room for our visit. Otherwise nothing else happening today. Enjoy your day. 😄💕📚☕

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      1. I just got home, it was a great visit. She is going downhill, which I expected, but she was talking and sharing things with us so that was great. It started to snow on the way home. 😢😢

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    1. Good evening Wendy! Glad you had a nice day today. Too bad you didn’t miss all the snow storms. I bet you thought you were done! Maybe it will miss you!🌞🌸📚🤗💜


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