Good morning! Happy New Book Tuesday..49 here, going up to 68 today with scattered showers again….Have a terrific day and be well my friends!💜



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12 thoughts on “HAPPY TUESDAY ☕☕

  1. Good Morning, Susan. It is only 28 out right now, but is supposed to go up to 50. At least it is supposed to be sunny this afternoon. Will be going to see the doc today for a med check. Otherwise, I am doing my reading, listening to audiobooks, unpacking and sorting and maybe getting a couple of reviews in. Have a wonderful day Susan and enjoy the warm temperatures. ☕🌞❤📚😊

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    1. Good morning Carla! Good luck at the doctors. I just went on Thursday, got my results from the lab, but have no idea what the numbers mean. I’m still waiting for the doctors visit summary. I might have to call today to see what is going on. Since we moved, she is a new doctor for me. Anyway, good luck with getting more unpacking done. I’ve got many reviews to write and I’m hoping to pop off at least one or two today! Happy Tuesday and enjoy your day!🤗📚☕🌞💜

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      1. I think he will be happy because I lost another ten pounds while in Florida. It is slow going, but I am going to get down to a healthier weight. My goal is the end of this year. I hope you get a good report. Okay, so for today, our goal is two reviews each. Let’s do it! Now off to pour another coffee. 😊☕📚💖

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