Good morning! Halfway through the week! Its 43 right now and it’s raining.  We are supposed to have rain all day and the high is supposed to be 60! I’ve got laundry to do and of course, more unpacking. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!💜☕💜





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8 thoughts on “HALFWAY THERE!!☕☕

  1. Good Morning and Happy Wednesday, Susan. We are going on a daytrip today because our pool is crazy busy on Wednesdays because they do activities here. We’re heading to West Palm Beach to do whatever. I found my earbuds yesterday, they had them in the laundry, so I am sooooo happy. Have a good day and remember not to overdo it. ☕🌞😁📚💖

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    1. Good morning Carla! Happy Wednesday! West Palm Beach is gorgeous. Have fun and have a safe trip! I’m guessing more shopping?😂 Glad to hear you found your earbuds. My kids lose them all the time too! Enjoy your day my friend!🌞🤗📚☕☔💜

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      1. We had a wonderful time in West Palm. Took the trolley around downtown, ate down by the water and took A1A all the way back to Lauderdale. So scenic. Yes, we did a little shopping. I spent $15.00 and got 5 tops. One was only $0.65. Woo Hoo. 🌞😁⛱️

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    1. Wow!! Who are you and why are you here in the morning?😂😂Sorry to hear about Instagram. It makes us crazy when we can’t sign on doesn’t it? Maybe walk away and come back in an hour? Maybe they are having issues? Enjoy your day off Caro and find some time to relax and read!☕☕📚🤗☔💜


  2. Hi Susan! Not much going on here. The sun is trying to shine after all the rain. We went to Publix this morning, and now I’m visiting blogs and reading books.😃.🙃.📚.❤️

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    1. Hi Michelle! I’m trying to get my kitchen unpacked today and doing laundry. We had crazy rain up until about an hour ago. No sun but no rain right now. Enjoy the rest of your day my friend!☔🤗📚☕💜

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