Good morning!  Happy Thursday everyone!  Its 54 here, going up to 71 with nothing but Carolina blue skies!  Have a terrific day!💜☕☕💜






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  1. Good morning, Susan. We only got rain yesterday, but our mountains got a lot of snow, and we are expecting more snow today. Have a wonderful day, Susan

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  2. Afternoon! We had more rain today and it’s turned really cold 🥶 but I can’t complain as I’d rather it be cold than hot 🤣 Hope you’re having a great day! Oh and something to make you laugh…my son made an apple crumble in school today and we had to cook at home. I cooked it and tested it with a knife went straight in so I thought apples are cooked, let’s eat. He only put in half an apple. Half. I basically just ate a bowl full of topping and no apple 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. Good evening Caro! That is too funny about the apple crumble! I mean, he didn’t even cut it up? Just a whole half of an apple?😂😂 I bet it tasted good though right?😂😂 I’m sure the recipe called for more than half no??😂😂Enjoy your night and thank you for the giggles!!☕📚🤗🍁💜


  3. Good Evening, Susan. I am in for the night. I crossed into a new time zone so am now an hour ahead. Traffic wasn’t too bad today, but I missed a cutoff and by the time I backtracked, I added almost an hour to my 10 hour drive. It was a long day. I’m going to read and go to bed early. I hope you had a great day! 😁🚗🌞☕❤

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