Good morning! Happy Wednesday! 72 here right now, going up to 93 with thunderstorms coming in later in the day. Pork steaks on the grill with fried potatoes for dinner. I have laundry to do and then nothing but reading! Have an awesome day and be well!💜

13 March 2019 Good Morning 早上好!

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12 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕☕

  1. Morning! Day off today catching up on housework I couldn’t do in those horrible temps! Down 10 degrees today and it feels glorious but my house holds the heat and is a bit oven like, my son’s neck fan is doing the job though 🤣 Have a lovely day 📚☕️☕️📚❤️

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    1. Good morning Caro! Wow, too hot for you all. I hope it passes quickly and never comes back! easy and don’t do too much! Are you drinking iced coffee? Be careful, take cold showers and pray for snow!⛄🤗☕📚☕💜


      1. They think we’ll get it every 3 years due to global warming, who knows how they can predict that though! I don’t like iced coffee (I know, shameful!) but had loads of really cold water. ❤️❤️

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  2. Good Morning, Susan. It is going up to 90 today with humidity, over 100. My son and his family are coming over today for a swim and dinner. I haven’t seen them in awhile, so am looking forward to it. I am watching season 4 of Virgin River as I type this. Binge Watch today! Have a great day, Susan. ☕📺😊❤

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    1. Good morning Carla! Wow that is hot for you guys! Enjoy the pool and your family dinner. Be careful and don’t over do it!
      Have you heard from Sheila? How is her husband doing?
      Enjoy your day and stay safe!🤗🌞☕📚💜

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      1. Thanks Susan. I am actually going to the theatre with her tomorrow. He is doing well and we are having dinner together on Saturday. He doesn’t talk, but uses text and writes down, so he is able to communicate.

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