I have only read one other Miranda Liasson novel but I’m sure grateful I read SEA GLASS SUMMER! What a beautiful story! I’m very excited to read her older books now. I was more than happy to return to Seashell Harbor and to my new found friends who live there. Kit Blakemore is a single mother and a widow. This absorbing story combines both the beautiful sensory details of a summer harbor town with heartfelt characters, a moving plot, and a story with so much depth. SEA GLASS SUMMER is a lovely read with characters I rooted for, and some lovely details that brought the town of Seashell Harbor to life. I highly recommend this story if you need a complete escape from life.

SEA GLASS SUMMER explores family dynamics, loss, secrets, and a new romance! Miranda Liasson handles difficult topics and has the reader cheering for everyone to succeed. Kit has been living with her son at her parent’s home but after three years she is ready to move on with her life. She misses her husband with every fiber of her being and doesn’t think she is ready for love, but sometimes life has other plans.  When I started reading SEA GLASS SUMMER, I didn’t know I’d come to love it this much. Where to start? The interactions between all the characters in this small town, where everyone knows everyone else, are vividly told and enjoyable to read. Love, hope, second chances and the importance of community are the threads that bind this book together beautifully.

I enjoyed the language, the conversations and the very real feel of SEA GLASS SUMMER. It made me want to go to Seashell Harbor and hang out with the people of this coastal town. How can Kit teach Oliver to be brave and strong if she is afraid to move on herself? She had written to Alex and told him she didnt need his help fixing up the Victorian home that her husband, Carson had owned. But he shows up anyway. Kit is fit to be tied, but when Alex offers to do the work for cost, she accepts. Hang on to your seats guys! This is when the going gets good! Why can’t these two just be honest with each other? Oh, Alex was Carson’s best friend and feels he owes it to Carson to look out for and help Kit any way he can. He feels as if it is his duty.

I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving away too much of SEA GLASS SUMMER, but once I started reading this beautiful and heart breaking story, I could not stop! Everyone should have this unforgettable book on their summer/fall reading list. The dialogue between Kit and Alex is sometimes funny and other times frustrating! They both have secrets and without letting them out, they will not be able to move forward. Kit’s friends and family have been giving her unconditional support but they have also been holding her hand a little too much. She knows its time for her to move on, but she just doesn’t know if she is strong enough. I was instantly emotionally invested in all of the characters from page one and I can not wait to read more by this wonderful and heart tugging author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Forever Books. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and voluntarily given.


A moving, uplifting novel about motherhood, starting over, and an unexpected summer romance…

Kit Blakemore is ready to live again. After her husband died while serving in the military, she was in a haze of grief. Now she wants to reclaim her former self—finish her degree and find a better career to provide for their sweet little boy, Oliver. To do that, she’ll need to sell her late husband’s dilapidated Victorian in Seashell Harbor. But first, Kit intends to give Ollie the kind of unforgettable seaside summer she had growing up, making lifelong memories and friendships.

Of course, nothing goes exactly as she planned. Ollie is struggling with his confidence, and frankly, so is Kit. But everything changes when her husband’s best friend, Alex de la Cruz, returns to town, offering to help her renovate. She doesn’t expect Alex to temporarily move in…or for him to bond with Ollie…or for her numb heart to begin thawing. Slowly he’s helping Kit and Ollie heal, and it scares her to death.

Kit swore she wouldn’t leave herself open to the pain of loss again. But if she’s going to teach her son to be brave and move forward, Kit must first face her own fears.

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  1. I have this book, but I left it at home, so I won’t get to it for a few weeks, and NOW I’m so anxious to read it. Wonderful review, Susan!

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  2. Wonderful review, Susan. I read the first book in this series and loved it, but was declined for this one. It sounds like it might even be better than Coming Home to Seashell Harbour. Wait for me, I will join you and Sandy on your trip. 😁😂💞📚

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