Good morning! I slept in and now I’m guzzling  coffee!☕ Its 74 here, going up to 89. We are  supposed to have thunderstorms later this afternoon.  Dinner will be homemade pizza with sausage and pepperoni! 🍕🍕 Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!💜☕💜



Not enough coffee


8 thoughts on “SATURDAY!!!☕

  1. Good Morning Susan. It is only going up to 76 today, but it is 71% humidity, so it feels much hotter. I tried to do “No Mow May” to feed the bees, but finally cut the grass twice over the last few days. Now I am raking the grass and dumping it in the field behind the houses across the street. Yesterday, I dumped 4, today, I have already dumped 2. I am taking a break before going back out. We are also supposed to have thunderstorms today, so I want to get as much done this morning as I can. Enjoy your pizza and have a great day! ☕💖🐝🌩😀

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    1. Good morning Carla! The humidity is high here as well and its so gross. I hope the rain comes real soon and cools us both off. Can you believe this garbage with monkey pox now?🙄What is next? Crazy times we are forced to live in.

      Have a wonderful day, dont over do it and remember to take breaks! Hydrate!!🤗🌞☕📚🍩💜

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      1. I took a long break because it started to pour down while I was across the road, I got soaked. The sun is shining again, so I will head back out shortly. I am just shaking my head about this Monkey Pox. All this worldwide travel has it’s downside for sure. 🤷‍♀️🌞

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    1. We just had a thunderstorm come through and it cooled us down…..three degrees.😥😥We need more of those. I would kill for 61 Caro! Sleep well mate and sweet dreams! I hope you had a lovely Saturday and you were able to relax!☕🤗☕📚☕🍩☕💜☕🌻


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