Good morning! I slept in and now I’m guzzling the coffee!☕ Its 62 here, going up to 79. We had scattered rain yesterday and today is supposed to be the same.  Lots of running around to do today!  Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!💜☕💜




image - 2020-06-11T114336.910


Not enough coffee


5 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning, Susan. I just finished cutting the grass and am heading over to my kids’ place to help them sort some things. It is going to be nice today, so I might do some more outside work. I hope you get all your errands finished and have time to relax. 🌞💖😀☕📚

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    1. Good morning Carla! I just finished watering all of my hanging plants and am so pleased to see them thriving! Have a lovely Saturday and enjoy your time outdoors!🌞☕🌻📚🤗💜

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  2. Happy Saturday! We went for a Nandos today and decided that that’s where we’ll go for my birthday meal later on in the month! So tasty! Have a lovely day 📚☕️📚❤️☕️

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