Good morning! Happy Saturday!! Its currently 18 degrees going up to 39! We had a bit of snow last night so the roads are pretty messy right now. I’m excited for playoff football and Supercross tonight! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!☕💜☕


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21 thoughts on “☕HAPPY SATURDAY!☕

  1. Good Morning and Happy Saturday, Susan. I am also going to watch football this afternoon as it is going to be cloudy and ran off and on all day. Off to get my water jogging in before the rain starts. Have a great day and stay warm. 🌞☕🏈💖

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    1. Good morning Carla enjoy the football games and may your favorite team win. I am reading NAKE ONCE MORE by Elizabeth Peters. This book is not a Peabody book and I like as it is different from most cozy mysteries. Stay Safe!

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  2. Good morning Susan it is 28 out and cloudy, had snow a couple days ago but is gone by now. Enjoy your game tonight. Not much is going on here. I hope we got my meals finally correct after a bad meal. I managed

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    1. Good afternoon Betty! I hope you are staying warm and relaxing today. I hope your meals are all straightened out now. Is Wells Fargo holding all of your money? Is that even legal? Enjoy the rest of your day and be well!🤗📚☕💜

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      1. Yes Wells Fargo is holding our money they for future payments. It a SS account.The kick is they will lend us to $11,000. Since We are not using their credit card we don’t owe anyone. i had very good meal today.


  3. We were supposed to get some more snow last night but that didn’t happen. It’s nice and sunny today with a high of 45. Not much going on here. I hope you enjoy the football game and stay warm!!

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