Good morning! Its 33 here and going up to 55!  We have rain coming tomorrow and more snow on Friday! Hopefully, Flu-rona will be on the way out and I can actually get something done today!  I have no energy and have been taking lots of naps since Sunday!🤷Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends!☕💜





15 thoughts on “☕GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning, Susan. Sorry to hear you are still under the weather, but hopefully you will be feeling better soon. Glad it is warming up some, all your snow should melt soon. 🌞⛄🤗

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    1. Good morning Carla! More snow coming on Friday but at least what we have now should be almost gone. I feel better today but dont want to overdo it so its slow and steady! Have a wonderful day!😷📚☕💜

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      1. I agree, take it easy. I took a day off today. No exercising, swimming, walking, nothing. Reading, checking emails and blogs, watching TV. Easy peasy day. I hope you feel better tomorrow. 😊

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    1. Thanks so much Caro! I’m just sick of being sick you know? So what’s up with Boris? Are you ready to be done with all this covid nonsense? I’m glad someone is stepping up and doing the right thing! Have a good night even though you are probably sleeping already and a terrific Thursday!😷☕📚⛄💜


      1. Oh no, rest and relax and get yourself better ❤❤ Boris has said we can now go back to the office and no masks in classrooms and I think from next week we won’t have any restrictions at all as we have passed our peak and we will need to live with it as we did before ❤❤

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  2. Sorry you’re still under the weather!! I thought my cough was finally gone but it turns out it’s not. Other than that all of the other symptoms are gone. I hope you start feeling better soon!!

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