Good morning! Happy New Book Tuesday! 😁. It is 24 degrees here and everything is frozen. I’m staying in today! Have an awesome day my friends!💜💜


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17 thoughts on “☕GOOD FROSTY MORNING!☕

  1. A frosty good Tuesday Morning, Susan. I think you have a great idea, stay in, read, relax and watch the white out the window. It is only 48 here this morning, but will be going up to 70 and sunny later today. I won’t be doing my exercise in the pool until later today. I am going to set up some posts for blog tours I have coming up this morning. Have a wonderful day and stay warm. 😀🌞⛄📚💞

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    1. Good morning Carla! 48 is supposed to be our high today! I hope it warms up enough for you to get your exercise in later. I’m going to hopefully pop off a review or two today! Have a lovely day and enjoy the sun while you have it!🤗📚☕🌞💜

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    2. Good morning Carla it will be a long time before it is 70 here. I just got my toenails cut. One of the Medicare rules is that not anyone can cut them. I started to hate to write reviews and am happy I no longer write them.

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      1. I am enjoying the weather. At home it is in the 30s, so I don’t miss that. Having someone who knows what they are doing will be better for you. Just enjoy your books, Betty.

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  2. Good morning Susan it is hazy out 30 out another cold day. Wells Fargo still has our bank account frozen. Plan to go to breakfast and overslept and miss it. Stay inside and get the reviews written. I am currently readingLynn Cahoon A FATAL FAMILY FEAST.

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    1. Good afternoon Betty. I haven’t done much today. Still feeling pretty gross from flurona! Sorry you missed your breakfast. How are you and Bob doing at your new home? Enjoy your book and the rest of your day!😷📚☕🤗💜🌞

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    1. Its warmed up some so the ice is melting but it will freeze again overnight! I one time had to dig my car out with a dust pan after a blizzard dumped 39 inches of snow on us overnight!🤦 No lie!! I bought a shovel after that!😂😂 I have cleaned my windshield off with my credit card more than once as I couldn’t find my scraper. Keep it under your seat silly!!😂🤷😷📚☕🤗💜


  3. It got up in the low 50s here today. I decided to reschedule my appointment and good thing I did. My husband went to work and he said he was going really slow and he was still sliding around. Once he got to the main roads they were fine but our road is still really icy. There are actually trees that have frozen to the road.

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