Good morning! Its 33 right now, only going up to 37, so I doubt there will be much melting going on today! Our hill is a solid sheet of ice so we aren’t going anywhere. I’m going to make a batch of Everything bagels for breakfast after my coffee kicks in.  Have a wonderful day my friends!💜☕💜








15 thoughts on “☕MONDAY AGAIN?☕

  1. Good Morning Susan. I hope the sun shines brightly to melt that ice for you. Stay home, stay warm and snuggle in for a day of reading, watching some television and maybe playing a board game or cards with whoever is holed up with you. It is not going to be as warm here today either, only 53 right now. I may take another day to relax in my condo and sit on the balcony. Enjoy your day and your bagels. ⛄📚🥯🤗

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    1. Good morning Carla! The sun is on the way! Hopefully some of this mess melts but will then refreeze over night! I’m on my way to making the bagels now. Have an awesome day and enjoy your time on your balcony!☕🌞📚🤗💜

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    1. Happy Monday day Caro! I hope you had an awesome day! I had a pretty good day. Did some laundry and made bagels. Then I made dinner and Rona reared her ugly head once again. I feel wiped out. Going to bed early!😷😴💜


    1. Our street got nice and slushy but now its a solid sheet of ice. Be careful tomorrow Cindy! Did you see all the accidents in Charlotte on I77 this morning? Go slow because the morning will be very slippery!🤗📚❤

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  2. I’m not going anywhere today either. I hope it melts enough by tomorrow though because I have a physical therapy appointment I forgot about at 10 in the morning. Glad your electricity stayed on. Ours started flickering again last night so I thought it was going to go out again but luckily it didn’t. The high today is 36 here but the sun is shining so that’s good. Enjoy your bagels!

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    1. Be careful tomorrow Misty. We are going down to 18 I think so everything is freezing once again! The bagels were awesome and I even have a few for breakfast tomorrow! Toasted of course!🤦🤗📚💜

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