Good morning! We are under a winter storm warning today until tomorrow night!  We are supposed to have snow, ice, and freezing rain! Tomorrow our temps will be very cold and we won’t get out of the low 30s, so everything that falls will freeze! I’ve got a few last minute details to take care of around the house, but we will just be hanging around waiting for it to begin!  I know the temps aren’t drastic and it seems like no big deal, but the people here aren’t used to this kind of weather and they are talking power outages! Stay safe everyone and be well!🙏 Have an awesome Saturday my friends!!💜☕💜



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  1. Happy Saturday, Susan. I hope the power doesn’t go out and you can just hole up in the house and watch the snow fall. I did see on the news that there was a weather front moving in. Stay safe, my friend. 🤗🌨🌬🙏💖

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    1. Good morning Carla! We are ground zero for this ice storm! We are busy charging everything, getting candles out and filling buckets, tubs and pots with water! Such fun!😂 I hope its just snow but it doesn’t look like it! The grocery stores were crazy yesterday and I doubt there is bread on the shelves anywhere within fifty miles! Have a great day and hopefully you have a nice sunny day!🌞⛄🤗📚☕💜

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      1. I’m glad you are getting ready for the worst, hopefully it won’t happen, but better to be safe. Hunker down and stay safe. It is beautiful here today. I went down to the pool around 8:00 and came up at noon. It is sunny and 77, so I am sitting on my balcony now on my computer. 🙏🤗🌨

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      2. Good morning Susan it was amusing reading your comments. One thing I dislike you can’t flush the toilet when power is lost. Stay safe and I wonder how you are doing healthily. Wells Fargo found a reason and lock up our

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    1. Good afternoon Betty. We have a well so if the electric goes out we have no water. So we have filled up a bunch of buckets so we aren’t stuck as far as that goes. Sorry to hear about your bank problems. We have Wells Fargo too. I do not love them and we are looking for a better bank. Brian got his test results back today and omicron has found our house. We are all stuffy and feverish but doi g good. Just waiting for the storm to come. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a relaxing evening! 🤗☕📚💜

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  2. Good morning Carla I have been reading Ngiao Marsh an old friend that I read a long time ago. B&N had a sale on them. I not getting any new books until we get our bank account settled. I still have a Charles Todd to read.

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  3. Happy Saturday. We are pretty much going to be getting the same weather as you and we are expecting our power to go out as well. We’ve stocked up on sandwich stuff and filled water jugs as well as got little snacks and stuff to help us get through. Stay safe Susan!! 🤗❄️📚💕

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      1. Thank you so much!! For the longest time I thought I had a profile picture uploaded and then I realized I didn’t which meant I had to figure out how to do it. I’m not big on pb&j well not the j part at least I will for sure be eating pb sandwiches. I really hope it stays on for the both of us as well!! 🤞🏼

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