Good morning!! We made it!! Everyone in my house is sick with the flu or omicron! My symptoms are the least of all of us so I get to be the nurse!   We have a big weather event coming this weekend, but we are ready for it. Happy Friday my friends!💜



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19 thoughts on “☕FINALLY FRIDAY!!☕

      1. I guess. My husband had his booster yesterday and is having a reaction, so I ordered are groceries to be delivered. Got the milk. Just waiting on the bread😉. I just have no idea of my plan if the power goes out. That’s a wait and see.

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  1. Good Morning, Susan. I am so sorry to hear you are all sick. Take care of yourselves and I hope you all get better soon. Make sure you take care of yourself as well, my friend. 🤗😥 Stay safe with the rough weather coming your way. 😲💞

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    1. Good morning Carla! I guess when they said everyone was going to get the latest variant they weren’t kidding. Lol I still think it might just be the flu. Brian got tested on Monday and we still haven’t gotten his results back yet. So many people are getting testing that the wait times for results have more than doubled. I’m making a big pot of chicken noodle soup for dinner and hopefully that helps! Have a great day and enjoy the sun while you have it!🌞📚🤗☕💜

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  2. Oh Susan, I am so sorry! Praying you are all better soon…butt, LET IT SNOW, right?! I haven’t looked to see what they are predicting for us (today), yesterday it could still be freezing rain, maybe flurries…

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    1. Good morning Cindy. I feel good, just a bit of a stuffy head but the rest of them are feverish and achy. So for us, they are calling for 4-6 inches of snow and then a quarter inch of ice and high winds! If I wake up on Sunday and turn on the Weather Channel and see Jim Cantore somewhere down here, I’m going back to bed with the covers over my head!! 😂Stay safe!!☕🤗📚🌞💜

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      1. Yes I am!! We are supposed to get a mix of rain snow and sleet starting tomorrow evening. Fun fun!! I actually want to see snow but I could do without all the rest. 🤗 📚 🌧 ❄️


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