Troubled Times Ahead

Sharing this so every one knows that it isn’t just happening in your local stores. Its all over the country!

A Jeanne in the Kitchen

This post is different from my normal posts, but I think these are troubling signs of the times ahead and they need to be shared. I am not trying to make this a political post by any means of the imagination. I am merely the messenger, showing you what I saw. This is happening everywhere, not just here in the Denver Metro area.

King Soopers, is one of our major grocery chains here. Their parent company is Kroger’s. Many of our King Soopers Grocery stores went on strike yesterday at 5:00 AM. Many stores are franchises and they did not go on strike. However the ones closest to my house are on strike and the picketers are marching in front of the stores. So far, there are at least 77 stores that are striking. They are planning to be on strike for at least 3 weeks.

I have mixed feelings…

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7 thoughts on “Troubled Times Ahead

  1. This is scary, Susan. Who knows what their demands are, but I agree with Jeanne, there are so many people out of work, they could find themselves out of a job pretty quickly. I do my shopping at Publix down here and noticed how empty the shelves were the other day when I went shopping.

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    1. Its all over the country Carla. We went to Publix here today and the shelves were the same as when the pandemic first started. Our shelves here are not empty because they are striking in Colorado though. It has to do with supply chain interruptions. We noticed it a few weeks ago. Scary times for sure. Is Canada the same?

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      1. I talked to a couple of my friends and said that they are not bare, but they are seeing lots of gaps. I couldn’t get cream cheese the other day, the whole section was empty. I am sure glad I brought a lot of food with me.

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