Good morning! Slept in again this morning!!😲 I think we are going to put up our Christmas tree today.🎄🎄

Have a spectacular Saturday my friends!💜




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13 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕☕

  1. Wow, two days in a row, good for you. Happy Saturday, Susan. I am taking Krista to her daughter’s baby shower today. Otherwise, I am just going to relax, read, peruse blogs and clean up the mess in my kitchen from my baking. Have a wonderful job and enjoy putting up that tree! 😀☕🎄☕📚☕

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    1. Good morning Carla! Have a great time at the baby shower! So much fun! How is Krista doing? Enjoy your day and good luck cleaning up! I’m going to be baking some kind of cookies today, just need to decide what kind!🤷☕🤗🎄📚💜

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      1. I made 5 different shortbread type cookies, because I thought they would be easy for my aunt to eat. She loved them. Krista is in a lot of pain, but she is hanging in there. I can smell cookies baking……🍪👃🍪🧡

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    2. Good afternoon, Carla, I found I couldn’t the Thadd book gound, I keep reading another chapter. So downloaded the rest of the series this morning. I haven’t checked the news today and the time with looking at where the laster mass shooting occurred. Enjoy baby shower and friends. Cookings always leave a mess of dirty objects to clean. Stay safe!

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  2. Good afternoon Susan it is partly cloud today, it is already 47 F and should reach somewhere in the fifties. I awoke for medicines around 7:00 AM and the thing I knew was after 11:00 AM. Enjoy decorating the tree and baking cookies. Supper last night was a turkey sandwich and was good. I noted THE SECRET OF TANSY FALLS. The story reminds me of the Karen White Thradd series.

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    1. Good afternoon Betty. We are sunny and 55, but being that its after 4 our sunlight will be going away and the temp will drop. No tree today so maybe tomorrow. I’ve been baking cookies all day. I made turkey soup for dinner last night and tonight will be cheeseburger macaroni in the Instant Pot with a salad on the side. I love salad and we do not eat enough of it. Have a relaxing evening and be well.📚🍁🤗☕🍪💜

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  3. Hiya! We put up our tree and decs yesterday! My son says it looks magical however I think we’ve gone overboard and it looks like Christmas has thrown up in my living room 😂😂😂😂

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