Good morning! Happy Sunday! I’m planning on spending the day doing laundry and watching football! I will also be watching NASCAR and reading! Have a lovely day my friends and be well!💜

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    1. Good morning Michelle! It was 42 here this morning. I really don’t want to put the heat on yet! Its 68 in the house right now and I’m hugging my coffee mug! I’m glad your son is enjoying Spain. I bet you really miss him! Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday my friend!🌞📚☕🤗💜

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  1. Good Morning Susan. It was 44 when I got up today with a high 61. Fall is definitely here. I have already made a batch of cookies and done dishes, now getting ready for church. A friend of mine who I went to University with is in town and will stop by for a visit this afternoon, so I am happy about that. Have a great day, Susan! 📚💞☕🏎

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    1. Good afternoon Carla! I’ve already made a pan of brownies and just finished a white cake. I will make some chocolate frosting for that in a bit. I’m on my last load of laundry and looking forward to dinner which will be chicken tenders and potato foil packets with broccoli. Enjoy church and your friend’s visit. Have a lovely day and be well!🎃🌞🤗☕📚❤

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