Good morning! Happy Fall! We have buckets of rain coming today!☔ Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!☔☕☔

24 Good Morning Quotes For You to Love Life


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7 thoughts on “☕GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning, Susan. It started raining last night and it is still raining. It is a high of 59 today and rain all day, so I know where I will be today. I had hoped to finish up some jobs outside today, but that is not happening. Have a wonderful day, snuggling up and keep dry. ☂☕📚💖

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  2. Morning, Susan! You are an early riser, or maybe closer to the east coast than I am here in Ontario, Canada. Yes, buckets of rain, but I welcome it for the salmon. Normally, they are swimming upriver ( the Humber River runs behind my building beyond a lovely ravine). The river has been very low – you can see the rock bed – so the poor creatures are stalled at the tail end of the river (Lake Ontario). Always a beautiful and heroic sight to see them jumping to get over the various weirs.

    I keep checking every week!

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    1. What an awesome video Susan! Yes I’m on the east coast in North Carolina. I hope you get plenty of rain so the water level rises so these guys can make it up over the wall and continue their journey! Have an awesome day and thank you for sharing that video!🤗📚☕☔💜

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  3. Afternoon and Happy 1st day of Autumn (even though it still feels like summer here, ugh!!) I went to the shops today and I found myself buying some Christmas presents! I think I’ve been spooked by the talk of food and gift shortages due here this year, it probably won’t happen but who knows! Then I got a call from the school and my son got glutened from a food fight that happened so he wasn’t well, sigh. He’s ok now and on his 3rd hot water bottle! ❤📚☕💜

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    1. Hi Caro! People here are already hoarding TP once again! What is wrong with these people?🤦 I blame the media. They are the ones who make everyone panic buy. How is your son feeling now? Any better? Have an awesome weekend and happy reading mate.☕📚🍁🤗💜


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