I have quite a few books started and today is all about getting a few of those done! I hope you all have a beautiful and safe day and get lots of reading time today!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ“š On a side note, the weather guy here let us know that we are losing 77 minutes of sun light this month…….fall is on the way!







6 thoughts on “SUNDAY BOOKISH LOVE

  1. Happy reading Susan. I love that last quote “The worst part of finishing a book is having to find another that was just as good or better than the last.” That is so true!

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  2. Hope you got a couple finished Susan! I’m not the type that does more than one very often and if I am it’s probably because I’m struggling to finish one I’ve started so I go to something else.


  3. I love all of these especially the one about being one book short of a library. My kids brought me another bookcase on the weekend, so I can better organize my books. Of course the last one about finding the next book is so true, especially if the one I finished was wonderful.

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