ELLE’S A TO Z OF LOVE is such a fun contemporary story that I was pulled in to from the very first page. The blurb really captured me, and the cover really pulled me in. I loved everything about this beautiful story and I’m excited to recommend it to my reading friends. Claire Huston has a way of grabbing her readers and she never lets us go. My heart broke for Elle and how unlucky she is when it comes to finding the right guy. Besides that, she is stuck in the place where she grew up and all she wants to do is travel. She already has a trip planned with her bestie, Serena, but life may have other plans for Elle.

ELLE’S A TO Z OF LOVE really takes a turn that will have you unable to put this beautiful story down. Elle is nursing A broken heart thanks to Adam. They dated until the one day Adam took off and moved away. Elle has never gotten over him so imagine her shock when she learns Adam is back in town. I did not like Adam from the first time he was introduced in ELLE’S A TO Z OF LOVE and did not trust him to do the right thing where Elle is concerned. Before Adam comes back, Elle is swapping emails with a cute boy, Zach , whom she met at the local library when he was attacked by a shelf of books. He now lives in California with his girlfriend. I loved the back and forth emails with Zach and really wanted him to dump Sophie and come back to Haileybrook.

ELLE’S A TO Z OF LOVE is filled with twists and turns and had me staying up way too late one night to finish! I had to know where Claire Huston was taking us and what would happen to Elle and Zach. There is so much heart in Claire’s writing that I was left with a huge smile on my face. All of the characters are very interesting and believable, so much so that I felt as if I’ve known them for a long time. Elle is a little too nice and puts all the people of Haileybrook in front of her own life. She really needs to learn how to say no so she can go and find her dreams. She really needed to learn how to stick up for herself and not let people walk all over her, especially Adam! I am now a Claire Huston fan and look forward to reading all of her books in the future!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.


Haileybrook, a beautiful village in the peaceful Cotswolds countryside, is most people’s idea of heaven on earth.

Born and raised in this small slice of paradise, Elle Bea can’t wait to leave.

It should be easy, but every time she packs her bags for exotic adventures, old loves and loyalties pull her back.

Will Elle be forced to forget her dreams of far-flung places and epic romance, or can she grab one last chance to have it all?

An uplifting, romantic story about friends, family and the relationships that make a place a home. 

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