16 thoughts on “☕GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning Susan. I went to bed early, so even getting up at 6:00, I had a good night’s sleep and feel great this morning. I hope to get in the pool again with Duckie after school is finished. I am loving this weather in the high 70s and sunny, Have a wonderful day.

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    1. Good morning Carla! So glad to hear you had a good nights sleep! Me too! I hope you and Duckie can get in the pool after school and hopefully, school goes well for you both! Have a wonderful day my friend and happy reading later!📚🤗🌞☕❤

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    1. Good morning Michelle! The weather is the same for us and there is something brewing in the gulf that will bring lots of rain this weekend! Have an awesome day and happy reading!🤗🌞😎☕🌻💜

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  2. Good morning Susan a hot day with no rain in sight. Driving through Meridan the trees, shrubs, and flowers look so fresh, it is hard to believe this area consider a draught area. The snowpack in the central of Idaho was way down so Idaho is lacking water. Our shots were yesterday so, in theory, we are vaccinated. Kathy stopped by yesterday and had nice chat with her. Have a stress-free day and be safe.

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