Cathy of 746 Books has been running the 20 Books of Summer challenge since 2014, and this will be my third year participating.

Visit the host of this challenge, Cathy746books  for all the rules (not many) and how to hook up.

The idea is to read *and review* 20 books over the summer (June 1 – September 1). Cathy is quite reasonable about swapping out books if needed, adjusting targets etc. but I hope to stick to my list stated below.

Here we go:



So, What do you think of my choices? Have you read any of my 20?  Which one do you think I will start with? I’d love to hear what you think and I can’t wait to see your lists.
If you are joining in, grab the image for your blog and don’t forget to tweet along at #20booksofsummer – here’s to a great summer of reading!

Good luck to all of you!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!💜

16 thoughts on “20 BOOKS OF SUMMER 2021

  1. I love all the summery covers. So, if you read The House on Firefly Beach by Jenny Hale, do you get to count it twice??😁 I am guessing you really want to read that one, as you have included it twice. I have a few of these on my backlog of NG books as well. I hope you enjoy them all. 📚💖😀

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    1. Okay I fixed it to make it the other Jenny Hale since its book one and two. Duh!! All of these are on my NG list except four and one of those is on my Edelweiss list! I hope I can get to them all. My backlog goes all the way back to 2011……😥 Thank you for helping me by pointing out my mistake!!💜💜📚💜💜🤗💜💜


      1. I have the first one on my NG shelf, but not the second, I was declined for it. All of mine are on my NG or EW shelf. I would love to get my ratio up to 62%, but won’t if I keep getting new books every week. Glad I could help you out, see, I really do read your posts. 😁📚💖🤗

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