Good morning! Happy Saturday!!! Have a fantastic Saturday and be well my friends!💜💜


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  1. Good Morning Susan. It is zooming all the way up to 55 today, so I should finish cutting the grass that got interrupted by rain yesterday. My daughter is going to visit today, which I am looking forward to, I have not seen her since Easter. Have a wonderful weekend! 📚🌞😀☕💜

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    1. Good morning Carla! I had to turn the heat on this morning. We are at 53 right now, going up to 79. Good luck getting the grass cut and be careful if you decide to finish hauling the dirt! Enjoy your visit with your daughter and take care!!🌞🤗📚☕💜

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      1. Thanks my friend. I never turned my heat off yet. I only have three bags left, Angela and I dumped 3 yesterday, that was fun. 👧😂😂 I hope her daddy can get her clothes clean. Heading out shortly to get stuff done before Jessica gets here around noon. 💖😁

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  2. Good morning, Susan. I rose early and went back to bed for my morning nap. Our windows are open and I’m ready to rise and shine. We need to go to the store, then back to reading. Watching Bugs Bunny presently. Have a great weekend. 🤗💖📚☕

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  3. Good morning Susan, it has been hectic as all the stress got me and spent a day in the hospital. Seems there is a severe shortage of caregivers and the agencies are only sending out caregiver in 3 or 4 hours shifts. We had some good caregivers for the last couple of days. This area is growing too fast. Seniors are being priced of their by homes as homes are going for around a million. This for homes built in the 1950s. Workers are in demand, Amazon is hiring to staff their new delivery in Nampa. Construction on new housing everywhere. Boise is having major changes as more companies open up new offices. I am better this morning and I need to take a shower. I have been doing a lot of good reading and I will try and do a post of the books I read this week. Weather-wise sun, clouds, and extremely strong winds. Freeze warnings are in effect for the next couple of months. Yes, it did reach 90F one day. Kathy has 2 surgeries and will under doctor’s care for 4 to 8 weeks. Stay dried and have a nice MotherDay with a lot of good reading time. Be well!


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    1. Good afternoon Betty! I’m sorry to hear you were in the hospital. I was wondering why you have been so quiet. There is a shortage of workers everywhere and I think its because of the extra money they are giving on unemployment. People are making more staying home. That is not good. I hope you got to take a shower today and aren’t too tired because of it. Stay warm and enjoy the rest of your Saturday.🌞🤗☕📚💕

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  4. Saturday! It’s been pouring down all day so far so I did a huge clear out so I can fit another bookcase in, woohoo (any excuse to buy more books!!!) Have a good day ☕📚💜❤

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    1. Good afternoon/evening Caro! Yay for making room for another bookcase!! Well done mate!! Enjoy the rain and relax with a good book! Have an awesome weekend!🤗☕📚☔💜


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