Good morning! I need coffee badly!☕☕☕ I believe it’s Thursday? Have a wonderful day my friends and be well!💜









10 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning and Happy Thursday, Susan. I am drinking coffee and eating my breakfast, powering up for the day. It is chilly only 37 with a high of 53. Probably staying in today. Have a wonderful day! 🌞💞☕📚😀

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    1. Good morning Carla! Happy Thursday! Wow so you guys had the cold front come through as well. We are at 53 right now going up to 69. But at least there is no rain right? I’m waiting for BJs(warehouse shopping) to open to get more meat that I wasn’t able to get yesterday and then I’m going to Aldi’s for my produce! Tonight I’m planning on making English Muffin Pizzas for dinner and that’s it for me today! Are you back to school today? Have a lovely day, stay warm, and enjoy your day my friend!🤗📚☕🌞💕


      1. Yes, we are back to school. Leaving shortly to pick her up. I am back to my healthy eating, so will be having salad and a small steak for dinner tonight. I have to stop and pick up salad fixings though. We are supposed to get rain, but not until late afternoon and early evening. I guess I shouldn’t complain, my rhubarb is growing like crazy. Almost time to pick it for the first time this season.

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