Good morning!! I’m hoping for an excellent day of reading. I hope you are all doing well and that you have a wonderful Sunday!! 💜🌺💜


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8 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕☕

  1. Good Afternoon and Happy Sunday Susan. I got up early, watched the online church service and recorded the Children’s Lesson for our church Facebook Page. Now I am getting ready to read. I hope to do some dirt hauling as well this afternoon. Have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoy whatever you are reading today. 💞📚☕🌞

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    1. Good evening Carla! I saw on the news today that Ontario had to scale back on their covid restrictions. They say its because the police won’t enforce them! The sheriff here where I live won’t enforce the mask mandates either. I think its total government over reach but what do I know?😂 Did you get to haul any dirt today? I hope you had a wonderful day and read lots of amazing books!🤗📚☕💕

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      1. They originally wanted the police to pull over cars and ask why people were out. The police said no. No dirt hauling, but I cut and weed whacked the back yard. That took over an hour. Dirt tomorrow as school doesn’t start until Tuesday. 😴🌿🚜

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  2. Good afternoon, the weather is the same. I finished EVIL BY THE SEA by Kathleen Bridges last night and will start CHECKING OUT CRIME by Laurie Cass sometime today. have a good day reading and be will.

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