Good morning!! Happy Thursday! I slept in this morning and it felt great!!  Have a terrific Thursday my friends. Be well!💜



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9 thoughts on “☕HAPPY THURSDAY☕

  1. Good morning Susan a storm is passing through the area with strong winds. I have my annual doctor’s appointment this morning. I read most of yesterday and David Rosenfeld’s newest book. It really the same as his main theme. I haven’t decided which one of the books to read. It was nice you can sleep longer! in the morning. Take easy with your back and Stay safe!

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    1. Good morning Betty! We have storms coming through later. Do you have to go out for your doctors appoint!ent or will they come to you? I have never read David Rosenfelt before but many of my Goodreads friends love his books! Take care of yourself, try to relax, and have a wonderful day!🌻💕☕🌞🤗📚❤

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  2. Good Afternoon Susan. I have had my Sweetie Petey here all day and he has not napped at all. His dad is on his way to pick him up so I should be able to relax soon. I hope Amanda’s appointment went well yesterday and she got a good report. I hope you have been having a wonderful day and are almost unpacked. 🏡📚😁🌞💖☕

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    1. Good afternoon Carla! I bet you are exhausted!😱 Amanda got the all clear yesterday and is doing great. Thank you so much for asking! We are grilling some steaks with mushrooms and corn on the cob for dinner! Have a wonderful night and try to relax!📚🌞☕🤗❤🌼


      1. I am not too bad today. I guess I am getting used to running around and up and down the stairs when he is here. We had a great day. Glad she is good to go. I just BBQed a steak as well, Had it with a salad. I am definitely relaxing tonight. Hoping to watch a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls. Have a nice evening. ☕📚📺🥩

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      1. Yup, probably until April 28th. The vaccines are slowly arriving, so hopefully by then the majority of people over 50 will be vaccinated. I have still been staying home pretty much, so not a lot of change for me. 🏡🤔 More time to read, I guess.

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