Good morning!☕☕ It’s 29 degrees here this morning! I’m staying inside under a blanket today!☕

Have a magnificent Monday my friends!💜

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20 thoughts on “FROSTY MONDAY!⛄

  1. Good Morning Susan, I hope you are cuddled up under that blanket, warm and toasty. It is 32 here, but no sun! I went out by 7:00 this morning to pick up chicken that was on sale for my daughter and myself. I was back home by 7:45. Less than a dozen people in the store, so quick in and out. Now I am back in my chair after making breakfast, cleaning the kitchen up and posting some reviews. Feeling so much better today. I hope to have Angela back by Thursday. Enjoy your day. 💖📚🌞☕

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    1. Good evening Carla! I love chicken!! I would eat it every day in so many different ways. My kids are the same but Brian likes red meat sooooo……Glad you got in and out of the store quickly! I try and touch as little as possible when I’m in the grocery store!😳 So happy you are feeling better! Back pain is the worst!! Have a wonderful evening and stay warm my friend!🍩📚🙋💜

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      1. I am the same Susan, I love chicken and Ray loved his red meat. I probably eat chicken 4 times a week. Feeling even better as the day went on. I getting ready for bed now, listening to the third book in the Virgin River series. Loving it!


  2. Good afternoon, Susan. It was frosty here this morning and the is out. I am not sure how high it will reach. My wheelchair arrived today, it well made it easy to go places. It is lightweight. This week is going to be stressful but hang in there and be safe. I am going to try and state off Twitter as much as I can.

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    1. Good evening Betty! Yay for finally getting your wheel chair! I’m sure that will make us much easier for you! Yes this week is going to be exhausting but hopefully we can find some way to get through to the other side right? I’ve never been On Twitter and Facebook and from what I’ve heard from others, I’m very glad not to be! Have a relaxing evening and be well!☕📚🙋💜

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  3. We are having a cold snap here too. It’s the middle of summer and my son tells me that it snowed on the ranges at Queenstown yesterday and more is forecast tomorrow. We can certainly feel it in the blustery southerly, and we’re having heavy downpours, for which the gardens and the farmers are grateful. Stay warm and snuggled up my friend. I have to head out to work soon. ❤📚


  4. Rain is good for the crops Sandy so your garden must be so happy! Have a lovely day at work, stay warm and be well my friend! Don’t forget your umbrella!☔☔📚☕💜💞


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