Good morning! Wow, I slept in this morning and now I’m super groggy!!☕☕ Have A happy and relaxing Sunday my friends!💜





17 thoughts on “HAPPY SUNDAY!☕

    1. I never sleep until 8!😳 Now I feel too sluggish so I am guzzling coffee like nobody’s business!😂 Have an awesome Sunday and I hope you get lots of reading time later!☕📚🌞💜

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  1. Good Morning and Happy Sunday Susan. Sometimes getting that extra sleep doesn’t do what we want it to. I love that quote about time, it really makes you thing if you are a good pilot or if you would have crashed that plane. I am dong a lot better today, so hope to get my disaster of a kitchen cleaned up today. I am sitting in my chair watching soft snowflakes fall, it is beautiful. Have a marvelous day, Susan. 📚☕😊💜❄

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    1. Good afternoon Carla! I hope your day is going smoothly! I got sidetracked making homemade bagels and then eating one of course! Washing all the living room blankets now! Football is on and I’m getting caught up on email! Ordering pizza for dinner so I’m very happy! My oldest daughter Cara just got her license last week so we sent her out with her sister for coffee! Yes, I was a nervous wreck! I hope your back is getting better and that you enjoy the rest of your day!☕🙋📚💞🍩


      1. It is great when the kids can drive and do some of their errands. She must be thrilled. I have never made bagels, is it hard? Oh, pizza sounds good. I have Italian sausage and am trying to decide if I should have sausage and salad, or put the sausage in pasta sauce and have that with salad. I am doing so much better. I managed to get laundry finished, cleaned up my kitchen and went out to pick up my grocery order. I am going to have my granddaughter tomorrow and see how it goes. Who are you rooting for now that Seattle is done? Enjoy the rest of your day. 😊☕📺📚💜

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  2. Good morning, it is dark outside. Pumpkin insisted I get up at 5:00 AM so I am wide awake right now. She also got my husband up. She wants treats right now. I had planned to read something besides the Ruth Galloway series but I started the next book. Have a happy Sunday with a lot of time reading.

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