Good morning! I’m like a zombie this morning! I need coffee! It’s so cold, only 29!   Have a terrific Thursday my friends!💜

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Susan (2)

16 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Good Morning Susan. I can’t believe it is warmer here right now, we are 30. 🌞❄Take a relaxing day today, drink that coffee, cuddle up and read or watch some Hallmark movies, that is my plan.☕📚📺 I am going to make turkey tetrazzini with my leftover turkey but that is about it for today’s plans besides reading and probably having a nap.🛌 Enjoy your day, my friend. 😊💖

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    1. Good morning Carla! Turkey tetrazzini! Yum! We ended up not having what I planned for dinner. Brian wanted Subway sandwiches so we had that instead. So tonight we will have the angel hair with the Alfredo sauce. I will make garlic bread with the bread I made yesterday. Have an awesome day and stay warm my friend!🙋🎄📚☕💜

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      1. I cooked a turkey on Monday (my kids aren’t fans) so that is what I am using plus the recipe from In Diane’s Kitchen. I am also using angel hair pasta. I hope we both have enjoyable dinners. I will take my leftovers to Krista and her son along with some turkey soup, on Friday. Have a great day. 📚☕😊💖

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  2. Good morning, Susan!! I haven’t been able to blog for a long while because of a lot going on in my personal life with family members, but I was so happy to see your cheerful post as one of the first in my WordPress feed this morning. 🥰 I hope everyone doesn’t forget me. 😔
    Have a wonderful day!! ☺️♥️🤗

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    1. Good morning Laurie! I found your comment in my spam folder?😲I hope you have been well and that life slows down for you very soon! How could we ever forget you my friend? Please take care of yourself, try to relax and happy reading!🎄⛄☔☕📚💜🙋

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  3. Good Afternoon, I am back from my hair appointment and it is a great relief. I didn’t get enough seasoning in my soup. I add to it will have some more with the cornmeal muffins that I found. The weather is the same, no change in it. I finished Sarah Rosett’s MURDER MIDNIGHT CLEAR. I enjoy her writing very much so I finished it in one sitting. Enjoy your books.

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    1. Good evening Betty! I’m so happy that you were able to get your hair cut. Yay for soup! If eat it everyday if my family would let me!😂 Have a relaxing evening and happy reading!☕🎄📚💜🙋🍧

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