Wow, all I can say is, why havent I read everything Carol Ross has written so far? She had my emotions all over the place. Once I started reading MONTANA MATCH it was very hard to stop! The twists and turns made it impossible to put down, I had to know what was going to happen to Fiona and Simon. What an awesome story. All of Carol’s characters feel genuine and relatable and put your emotions on one heck of a roller coaster ride. As you are reading, you will find yourself cheering for all of them, praying they can work out their problems and be happy once again.

MONTANA MATCH is all about family and the past and the secrets that come out are heart tugging. It had me flipping through the pages like a woman on a mission. I had to know what was going to happen to Simon and Fiona as well as all the secondary characters. Fiona doesn’t have the best record when it comes to men she has dated and her past relationships tell you that. So she turns to a dating app to help her out when she moves to Montana to get to know her new family.  She also meets Simon at this time. Although she is attracted to Simon, he does not have the qualities she is looking for. However, he agrees to help with matchmaking, to find a guy who would be right for her. As they get to know each other better in the process, Fiona is finding it harder to remember why she shouldn’t be with Simon. Once you start reading MONTANA MATCH it will be very hard to put down!

MONTANA MATCH is without a doubt one of the most heart warming books I’ve read in 2020 so far. I was instantly emotionally invested in all of the characters. Mostly, they all kept me giggling out loud with the back and forth between Fiona and Simon. Fiona’s family is very funny as well. Simon is a wonderful character that I fell in love with. Adding to their story, mistakes are made between the two, as parts of their home life are not revealed to the other. Carol Ross is such a wonderful and heart tugging author and she had me laughing and close to tears on the very same page. I am now going to read all of her previous books and she has just made a new fan forever! Even though MONTANA MATCH is the fourth book in the Blackwell Sisters series, it can easily be read as a stand alone. Grab your copy today and get on the couch!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Prism Book Tours. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. 


Thanksgiving in Montana

Is about family—and love!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for Fiona Harrison to turn her life around. And she is sure finding a suitable husband will please her newfound family in Montana. When a dating app sends her every dud in town, handsome bartender Simon Clarke offers to be her matchmaker. If only Simon fit her criteria… Learning the truth about the twinkle-eyed charmer could change everything—but for better or worse?

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  1. I have only read the first one in the series thus far, but plan to read them all. I love Carol Ross’ writing. 💖 She is one of my favourite Heartwarming authors. Wonderful review and I am looking forward to getting to this one. 📚❄

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    1. Thank you Carla! This is the first one I have read in this series. I did real all of the Blackwell Brothers series….I think?😂 Guess I better check that out!😂💜

      Update: I did read the first one in this series too!😂😂
      I read all of the Blackwell Brothers too!

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