THE SUMMER HOUSE is a slow burn contemporary story that I was pulled in to from the very first page. To be honest, I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it. I knew I would read it anyway, because I have been hearing so much about Lauren K Denton, but the cover really pulled me in. I would love to be swaying in that swing with a good book! I loved everything about this beautiful story and I’m excited to recommend it to my reading friends. Lauren K Denton has a way of grabbing her readers and she never lets us go.

THE SUMMER HOUSE really takes a turn that will have you unable to put this beautiful story down. Lily Bishop’s husband leaves her one day out of the blue and with no warning. She wakes up to find a note and divorce papers on the counter. He has left, but he left all his belongings behind. Lily is devastated and just can’t get it together. One day she sees a flyer at a local grocery store advertising for a hair stylist. Rose Carrigan runs the retirement community where Lily applies for the job as a hair stylist. Rose is known for being very strict about the community, keeping others at arm’s length and never letting anyone close to her heart. But she sees something in Lily and knows she must hire her and allow her to live over the salon. She even gets her nephew and his friend to help Lily move.

THE SUMMER HOUSE is filled with twists and turns and had me staying up way too late one night to finish! I had to know where Lauren K Denton was taking us and what would happen. The retirement community sounds like so much fun, full of fun characters, set on the coast with plenty of activities and a pool, but each person living there has their own cottage.  Maybe its because this was the exact book I needed to read right now, but I loved THE SUMMER HOUSE. The sleepy town, the characters all sweet, but carrying their own baggage, the blossoming love of people who never thought they’d love again. I’m so excited to read more of Ms. Denton’s stories. She has a brand new fan now!

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Netgalley. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.


The Summer House weaves Lauren K. Denton’s inviting Southern charm around a woman’s journey to find herself.

Sometimes it takes losing everything to find yourself again.

Lily Bishop wakes up one morning to find a good-bye note and divorce papers from her husband on the kitchen counter. Having moved to Alabama for his job only weeks before, Lily is devastated, but a flyer at the grocery store for a hair stylist position in a local retirement community provides a refuge while she contemplates her next steps.

Rose Carrigan built the small retirement village of Safe Harbor years ago—just before her husband ran off with his assistant. Now she runs a tight ship, making sure the residents follow her strict rules. Rose keeps everyone at arm’s length, including her own family. But when Lily shows up asking for a job and a place to live, Rose’s cold exterior begins to thaw.

Lily and Rose form an unlikely friendship, and Lily’s salon soon becomes the place where residents share town gossip, as well as a few secrets. Lily soon finds herself drawn to Rose’s nephew, Rawlins—a single dad and shrimper who’s had some practice at starting over—and one of the residents may be carrying a torch for Rose as well.

Neither Lily nor Rose is where she expected to be, but the summer makes them both wonder if there’s more to life and love than what they’ve experienced so far.

“The perfect summer read! While following the endearing relationship between Rose Carrigan and Lily Bishop, Denton introduces readers to the utterly charming town of Safe Harbor. Situated on the Alabama Gulf Coast, you’ll feel the sun, taste the salt, and linger with new friends—you won’t want to leave. And with lyrical prose and rich characters, The Summer House is a beautifully poignant reminder that we are never too young to find a good place to stand nor too old to start over.” —Katherine Reay, bestselling author of The Printed Letter Bookshop and Dear Mr. Knightley 

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  1. I really enjoyed this one as well. I loved how everyone changed and grew for the better. Wonderful review. (FYI: at one point you said Carolyn Brown in your review) 😊💖📚

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