Good morning! I’m up and only On my first sip.☕☕Have a terrific Thursday my friends and be well. Our governor is keeping us in Phase Three Restrictions for ANOTHER three weeks!! We will never be free! 😥

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  1. Good Morning Susan. Just took my first sip and it was delicious.☕💜 Raining again today, 🌂🍁 so another indoor day for me. I should finish up the bedrooms for the kids today, in time for Saturday night’s sleepover. Happy Thursday and enjoy your day. We are still in Stage Three here and the border is closed at least until November 21st. Happy October, Happy 2020! 📚💖😊

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      1. Wow, that is hot. 65 for us today so with rain, it feels cooler. Tomorrow is 75, so I hope to get outside and paint the fence if it doesn’t rain again. This is the kind of weather I hate, staying inside with gray, wet weather makes me depressed and tired. 🌂🌂🥱😓

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  2. Our cases are going up and up and whilst other UK places are having a circuit breaker lockdown, England aren’t. Who knows what will happen! But I guess the government are trying to protect the economy.

    Had a not very productive day, my work monitor broke, a courier delivered my new desk to god knows where and then my internet went! Hope you’ve had a good un!


  3. Good morning, it has been a strange day here 33 F. this morning. It is now sunny and clear out The storm is due until Saturday now. I did something I don’t usually I am now reading THE GIFT OF THE MAGPIES – Donna Andrews and a PRETTY DECEIT -Anna Lee Huber. Christmas and World WAR 1
    HAVE GOOD DAY READING I had hot tea this morning.


  4. I feel for you! We are level one here which means that we are almost back to normal with just restrictions on overseas travel, recording our movements using the covid-tracer app, and hand sanitizer everywhere! Nine new cases yesterday, 8 in managed isolation (people put into isolation coming into the country) and one community case who is a contact of a previous case. Most people took it seriously here and we all buckled down and got it over with. But we’re lucky being such a small country with a small population .It’s easier to control. We had a few idiots who thought it was their right to not comply. But with your massively bigger population, the number of noncompliant idiots is also multiplied, along with the damage that they do. I guess what I’m saying is, move to New Zealand! 😉❤📚 stay safe my friend!

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