Good morning!☕  Today we are dealing with the remnants of Hurricane Sally! Lots of rain and probably flooding! Have a terrific Thursday and be well my friends!💜☕💜









23 thoughts on “ALMOST FRIDAY?☕

  1. Hi, Susan! This rain is putting a damper on our moving. We are using our truck to move some items, the movers are coming Sunday to move big items. Then, we’ll need to come back and clean the old house. At last, we’ll begin the process of living in a new home.🏘☕🍁🙏

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  2. Good Morning Susan. I hope you don’t have problems with flooding and water in your house. I have been up since 4:30, finally posting my reviews to Netgalley. I really miss the “What?” from the other rooms. Have a great day, Susan and keep safe. 💗🌞☕

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    1. Good morning Carla. We won’t have flooding on our property as our home sits up on higher ground but the streets will be a mess im sure. Have a wonderful day and 4:30?? Take a nap later!🤣📚☔☕💜💜


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