Good morning! I need coffee badly!☕☕☕ I believe it’s Thursday? Have a wonderful day my friends and be well!💜









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  1. Good morning, the sky is clear right now and we are expecting temperatures in the high 80s F or 26 C. I hope to write a post today about my time yesterday at the hospital. Have a fun day.

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  2. Good Morning, Happy Thursday. I hope you have a good day today Susan. I got up and did my grocery shopping this morning at 7:00, home before 8. Raining today, so lazy day for me.

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    1. Happy Thursday Carla! I did all my stuff yesterday so I’m having a lazy day today! Yesterday I made a butter cake from a recipe from 1910. I made chocolate peanut butter cookies, and did the laundry! I’m getting ready to stick a pork roast in the Dutch oven for dinner and that’s it!😂 How did you find the grocery store? Pretty stocked? Toilet paper and flour? Any yeast?😂 Okay….maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I will empty a trash can or two!😂😂Have a marvelous day my friend!💜☔📚👵🌞☕💜


      1. I was actually quite surprised at how well stocked it was. Flour shelf was full, but I didn’t look for yeast as I bought some a couple of weeks ago. Lots of the staples and a lot of varieties. I haven’t baked much lately as I have been eating it all 🍜🍪🍰🥧 and am gradually putting weight back on that I worked so hard to take off. I need to finish my laundry that I started yesterday. Making turkey, black bean burritos for dinner and taking the leftovers to my son and his family. I am catching up on reviews so will be posting half a dozen or so today. Still not ambitious enough to finish the yard, that patio furniture is still in the shed. 😆😂🧓💖📚

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