17 thoughts on “WHAT I AM MAKING TODAY!💜

    1. Cornmeal is that little stuff that is stuck to the bottom of the bread. It’s like crumbs but I don’t use it!😂😂 Do you have a bread machine? I can’t imagine stirring six cups of flour by hand!😥😥 On and if you have yeast in a jar, not little packets, one packet is two and a quarter teaspoons.💜💜


      1. Found it, we call it cornflour!!! All these different terms!!!! Chips/crisps, pants/undies!!!!

        I have yeast, we get given gluten free flour and yeast in packets as my son gets it on prescription……but dont have a bread machine 😪

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  1. Susan – If you find yourself wanting to really learn bread baking, seek out Daniel Leader’s book, “Bread Alone”. It is a fabulous guide on making bread using a starter you’ve made yourself. It also has a great story about how Basil Kamir, a music promoter, became the leader of the artisan bread renaissance in Paris. I have pulled bread from the wood-fired brick oven in Basil’s boulangerie in the 14th arrondissement of Paris! • To help get that nice crust on French bread at home, put a pie tin of water on the shelf below the bread. This will help keep steam in the oven to form that crispy crust.

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    1. Thank you so much for the info! I knew about the water trick which is amazing! Wow, what a great memory for you! I’m off to try and find Bread Alone!! Thank you again Paul!!🍞🍞


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