Good morning! I hope you are all doing well and staying safe! Anyone binge watching anything good on Netflix? I’m in need of some distracting! Have a wonderful Sunday and please please please stay safe my friends!💜💜


Good Morning


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19 thoughts on “SUNDAY SUNDAY!☕

  1. Good morning, Suz☕️🌞🥰 Have you watched Virgin River yet? I’ve also started Self Made and it’s really good. And I’ve loved The Crown but haven’t started the last season yet. I’m also enjoying Dolly Patton’s Heartstrings series. I liked Harlan Coben’s book The Stranger so I’ve started that series, too. And, if you want to really get sucked into something bizarre, watch You! I’ve read both books and was just fascinated by the series. I still have the second season to watch.


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  2. Good morning! Sun is shining and we were missed by the tornado that struck Arkansas. So very blessed and thankful this morning.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

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  3. Good Morning Susan. I have been watching Hallmark Christmas Movies (I know, so predictable) and reading. Cloudy and rainy here, but I am hoping for sun tomorrow so I can sit by the window in my swimsuit and pretend I am still in Florida. Keep safe, keep busy and hug your family as often as they will let you. 🤗❤️☕📺📚

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