14 thoughts on “☕FINALLY FRIDAY!☕

  1. Good Morning Susan. Wishing you have the time to do all those things listed above. I will do the same. Cooler days today. I hope the storms weren’t too bad yesterday/last night. 💖🤗☕📚

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    1. Eight tornadoes touched down in our area Carla! It was a very stressful day for sure! Today it is super windy and we have so many huge trees around our house.

      Have a wonderful day and stay warm! We are in the 40s today and the low tonight will be 28!😲


      1. Hopefully all those trees will remain where they are. I hope there was not too much damage or injuries. We had a lot of wind here, but not too bad. High of 64 today, but still quite windy, so another day to stay indoors.

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  2. Good morning it is going to be another dull grey day here. I should go shopping today but I am still hugging he bed. I just saw a large raptor checking out where the birds gather to feed. Have wonderful day and stay safe from those tornados. I am reading BELINDA BLAKE AND THE BIRDS by HetherDay Gilbert.

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