20 thoughts on “☕GOOD MORNING!☕

  1. Hi Susan. Busy day for me today with appointments. Really don’t want to get out in the cold. Brr
    However, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So I guess I can take my pick. Rain or cold…LOL 🌨🌨📚

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      1. Nope. I was born in Brooklyn, NY. The winters were crazy sometimes. I remember walking to the bus stop for school in our snow suits and the snow would be almost waist high, and the buses would have chains around the wheels!!
        I miss the snow. But not that much snow!! I don’t like the sweltering hot summers we get down here. My body doesn’t respond well to extreme heat and humidity. 🥵

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      2. So you grew up close to me then. I was born in Jersey City and grew up in Northern New Jersey! We had some great blizzards as kids didn’t we?😂💜,
        Brooklyn’s in the house!! Best rice balls ever!!!👍👍💜


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