Good morning and Happy Saturday!! Wow!! I slept in this morning 9 hours!!! We had a small deer trapped in our fenced yard this morning! Our dog is still going crazy!😂 My husband went out there and the deer started running top speed through the yard and somehow got up enough speed to jump out six foot fence! When he did that, six other deer popped up in the woods and they all ran away! Have a wonderful and safe Saturday my friends!💜 We might get a little bit of snow today!⛄




image - 2020-01-16T101320.445



11 thoughts on “☕FINALLY SATURDAY!!☕

  1. Happy Saturday, my friend! That must have been an experience with the deer. Deer are beautiful! Unfortunately, 2 of our cars were damaged last year because of deer. 🦌🦌☃💖

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    1. Good morning Michelle! It was crazy and I just wanted to get it out of the yard so the dog could go out and take care of his business! Brian has to fix the fence since its bent down a bit where he jumped over! This town has done so much construction and the deer are running out of woods!

      Happy Saturday my friend!☕📚⛄💜

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