Charlotte Hubbard takes her time introducing you to each of the characters and their problems and how they are feeling. I immediately felt as if I knew them all and was right there at the kitchen table hashing things out and praying. In no time, I was totally sucked in to their lives and the issues they were dealing with. The plot is very interesting and had me turning the pages late into the night. Be prepared not to do anything else once you start reading this well written and hopeful tale.  When a tragic accident occurs at a gathering for those who live at Promise Lodge, events start to take a downward spiral. With the Bishop and one of the ministers being involved in the accident, the other residents of Promise wonder what lies ahead for the new colony.  I found myself thinking about all of these wonderful characters long after I finished reading. How strong these people had to have been to leave their Amish community to start another one.

Three sisters leave their Amish church community to start a new one. One where the women are valued and not belittled or abused. CHRISTMAS AT PROMISE LODGE continues with these Amish women that you aren’t used to reading about. These women are independent and behave in a way that the bishop wouldn’t be happy with. These three sisters can not stand the ways things are handled in their community in Coldstream so they buy an abandoned camp ground and turn it into Promise Lodge. A place where women can come and be treated as an equal. A place for new beginnings.  I really enjoyed reading up on all of the characters from the first book, Promise Lodge.

Charlotte Hubbard is now on my author radar and she will have me running to every book she releases and CHRISTMAS AT PROMISE LODGE is exactly why. When it was over, I wanted to keep reading and stay in the character’s business. I was giggling, laughing out loud and even holding back tears as I watched each of the characters grow. Charlotte Hubbard pulls you right in to all of their lives and once you start, you won’t be able to put this wonderful story down. As an added bonus, Charlotte includes recipes in the back of the book. I would love to be able to visit Promise Lodge and indulge in some of these wonderful recipes.



As the year draws to a close, the brand-new colony of Promise Lodge is thriving, a welcoming community that offers three Amish sisters a fresh start. And as Christmas approaches, gifts big and small are given with love . . .

 As Promise Lodge’s first wedding arrives, the evidence of a community building a foundation for the future is a cause for celebration. But the bishop’s narrow-minded wedding sermon doesn’t sit well with the Bender sisters, the town’s courageous founders, especially widowed Mattie Schwartz. She believes marriage and family aren’t the most important of God’s gifts—even if she suspects her tender feelings for Preacher Amos Troyer run deeper than simple friendship.

Amos hasn’t given up hope that stubborn, spirited Mattie will change her mind about taking another husband, but when an accident threatens to change the course of his life forever, he wonders if the Lord has sent him a message. He’ll need faith, hope, and charity to find the right path—and a Christmas blessing to convince Mattie to walk it with him.


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