I have many many Christmas books to read and review so this is a perfect challenge for me. I’m going to read the Christmas books that are the oldest on my list.   Now you don’t have to read Christmas Books, but that is what I am going to choose. The challenge begins Tuesday  October 1, 2019 running through until December 31, 2019.


Just like the 20 Books of Summer, there are no hard and fast rules.

* Choose 20, or 15 or 10 books that you’d like to read.

* Take a photo or make a list of those books.

* If you’re a blogger, make a quick introductory post telling us what you are going to read.

* Of course, you can join in on social media instead.

* Comment below with a link to your post at 20 Books for Christmas Reading Challenge 2019 hosted by Tea and Cake, so we can all see what’ you’ve chosen.

* Now, just enjoy reading.

* Tag Tea and Cake on Twitter @littlejojackson and I will retweet your introductory and round-up posts.

* It’s up to you whether you review as you go along, or do one long round-up post at the end or halfway through. Don’t forget to leave reviews on Amazon, Good Reads and other online stores to show support for the authors.

Here we go………


There are the 20 Christmas books I hope to read before the end of December.

Want to Join Me?

Have you read any of my choices?

Have an awesome day and thank you for stopping by!💙

Susan A_Cowboy_Snowman2222





  1. Susan, I loved `The Christmas Blessing`. I am so ready to read Christmas books. I have several from NetGalley.
    But, I have other posts coming up first. I do hope to read and review Christmas books soon. 📚🎄🎄

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  2. Great list Susan. I have several of these on my TBR, so if I finish the 20 I have planned, I might add some of these. I love Nancy Naigle and have one of hers, not sure why I didn’t add it. I will be watching for your reviews. I am going to tweet this post.

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  3. Oh, geez! I just saw this at Carla’s and now again here. 😂 You guys are killing me. I think I might have to try it too. Christmas books are always favorites, and my favorite time of year too. You have an awesome list, Susan! 💚❤💚 Happy reading and have a wonderful weekend.

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  4. This list looks so great. Between Hallmark Christmas movie commercials and your book list, I’m feeling ready to start thinking Christmas🎄even though pumpkins are out!🎃

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