I was 15 miles away in New Jersey, walking in to work, four months pregnant with my oldest daughter when the first tower was hit……..they sent us home after a little while and I remember sitting on my couch crying the whole day.  The next day I was driving to work and had to pull over, crying my eyes out. Heading toward New York City, on the other side of the highway I was on, were hundreds and hundreds of fire trucks, EMTS, police cars, ambulances, and other rescue vehicles…..all heading to Ground Zero……if feels like it just happened yesterday and not 18 years ago……….Thanks

Where were you?💗







9 thoughts on “EIGHTEEN YEARS AGO

  1. I cannot believe it was 18 years ago. That’s so hard to wrap my head around. I could see your image of driving in, Sus. Gosh. I was in graduate school, and I was in an elementary school that morning when I was told. They pulled a TV in where I was (with all adults) and we saw the coverage as the second tower was hit live.

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  2. 18 years…… It seems like only a couple, not 18 years. Such a tragic event. I cannot imagine what it was like Susan. I was at work, teaching in an elementary school, when it was announced for all staff to go the library during recess. The television was on and we were all in shock. I don’t know how I managed to get through the day. I will never forget.

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  3. It really is hard to believe it was 18 years ago. I was in the middle of the First Union/Wachovia merger, hurriedly preparing for an extremely important meeting when someone told me a plane hit one of the towers. I’d lived in NYC and wouldn’t visit those towers because of my fear a plane would strike them. I kept preparing for the meeting and went to the marketing group where I was told a second plane had hit the other tower. Colleagues were gathered around the one TV they had on the floor and I knew this was something different. Soon after I learned one of the towers had fallen. I went to join the woman who was to lead the meeting and she told me about the fallen tower with tears streaming down her face. We both lamented that they were just people like us, going to work, trying to make a living. Shortly after, we were all sent home.

    I regretted that I’d spent all that time that morning running around preparing for something that didn’t matter as much as what was happening in the world. It forever changed my outlook about everything. I was glued to the television, trying to figure out what had happened and what was going on. A year later, on the first anniversary, I stayed home and watched the recreation of that morning that I had missed.

    I’ll never forget.

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  4. I was just getting ready to go to work when I heard of this across the world. I couldn’t get to work as this was unbelievable…. The lives gone shook me as a doc and I just couldn’t leave my home..

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  5. I was at work; someone had an unauthorized mini tv on her desk, and let everyone know something was happening. I’m in Connecticut, so we were able to send help. I had a friend I was worried about; turned out she was fine but her roommate was just a couple of blocks away. A few days later I went to the New York Renaissance Faire – we weren’t sure it would open, but it was the last weekend, and they put out a call basically begging people to come, don’t let them win, come and be with your tribe. So we did. And it was beautiful. It was absolutely beautiful.

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  6. God what a horrific time. I was working at the library getting ready to open when the first plane hit. One of my co-workers called me on the phone and told me that a plane had just flown into one of the towers. At that point we all thought it was some sort of a horrible accident. And then the second one hit and the Pentagon and Pennsylvania…I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life. We later found out that a town resident lost her life that day. She was a flight attendant on Flight 11 which flew out of Boston. There’s a memorial bench with her name, Karen Martin, that sits on a small hill overlooking the children’s room.

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  7. Home, just returning from the harried morning school run of a new school year. My husband called me from work and told me to turn on the TV–something I don’t usually do during the day.

    I was in shock, listening to the news anchors, trying to figure out what was happening. Then the second plane hit and I didn’t move for the rest of the day. When hubs and the kids got home, we had takeout delivered and tried to explain to the kids what happened…when we didn’t really know ourselves. 😔

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  8. I was at my in laws with my daughter who was a small baby of 3 months old when we saw everything happening on the television. It was like witnessing the end of the world. And it was because nothing was the same after. I recall not comprhending what my eyes were seeing on the television. Like somthing refusing to compute in my brain.

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