Just wondering what everyone is currently reading! So many new books are coming out in February! Are you excited to read any of them? I have a few books going today…….but I’m going to concentrate on Alaskan Holiday by Debbie Macomber.




Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!💜



42 thoughts on “WHAT ARE YOU READING?

  1. Hi – I just finished Karen Robards – SAY YOU’RE SORRY – it was fabulous and now I’m reading The Last Woman in the Forest by Diane Les Bequets – Very interesting! – Plus, I’m listening to BLOOD FURY by J.R. Ward – simply keeping up with my fixation on the Black Dagger Brotherhood – Love this series!!! Good day to read here in Massachusetts – waiting for snow and sleet to start! LOL

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  2. I will have 3 reviews later today. I have found a new author Dale Mayer. She has a series Lovely Lethal Gardens. There are 3 books published and additional ones for this year. I spent yesterday reading the books and will have reviews later.

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  3. I just finished a suspense novel, Call Me Evie, and it blew my mind. I just don’t know what to think about it much less what to write about it for a review. Ugh. I need to read something lite and happy now!! Have a great week Susan!

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  4. So you moved out of the cold and missed it so much that you are reading a book about Alaska. 😂😂

    I am into Valentine reading so am listening to A Chocolate Coveted Murder by Leslie Meier and reading A Dog Called Valentine by Roxanne Snopek. Happy Valentine’s Day Susan. 😍💘

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  5. Started The Lost Man by Jane Harper days ago, but I’ve been sick with a stupid head cold and every time I think about reading I either have a sinus headache, or I start to fall asleep. Sigh. I was way ahead of my reading goals and on track for this month’s reading plan, too. Boo!

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      1. I know, right? Fortunately, it was a quick bug, not one of those multi-week things where you’re sure you’ve got pneumonia because it just won’t go away. Moving is exciting, but so much dang work! Hope things settle down for you soon.

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