Okay many have asked to see inside so here we go. Be forewarned, none of our pictures are hung, boxes are still full and well…..we just moved in on Friday! Haha


The bedroom ceiling which I think is so cool……sorry the bed isn’t made! Haha


Back screened in porch! The yard is huge but needs some love!


Our dog Morgan in front of the fireplace! It’s her favorite spot so far!


Husband’s office…….still a mess!




Upstairs……the kids aren’t ready for the world to see their bedrooms. There are three up there and ours is downstairs!


Master bathroom! Their is a huge tub in there too for when I need to escape with my books!


So, there you have it!


Now I need to go unpack more boxes!!



39 thoughts on “OUR NEW HOME

  1. I didnโ€™t unpack everything for months! Your place looks lovely. I love the paint colors and that porch! You are going to love having that. Iโ€™m out on mine now (it has vinyl windows and when I have heaters out here, we pretty much live out here. ๐Ÿ˜‚).

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