Well I really don’t know what to say! I still have a  bunch of requests pending but this week was quiet for me and Netgalley. I was so over whelmed with last weeks haul, I didn’t even go and browse. I’m sure that will change when I go and read everyone else’s post about their hauls……😂😂 So bring it on my friends!!😂

Okay so here is what I got this week…….the Kasie West is from Edelweiss……….



Have an awesome weekend everyone and happy reading!



  1. Oh, oh I want that Kasie West book!!! I haven’t been browsing both NetGalley and Edelweiss for a couple of weeks now but, Susan, you’ve just successfully made me log into my account and request for this book.

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  2. I only got two this week myself! I have not looked at the new releases in at least two weeks! My behavior is changed. Simple as that. 😂 And one recommendation from you will send me flying! ♥️ I hope you’ve had a great day, Sus! Xo

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    1. I did! I went to the butcher this morning and got this awesome Italian sausage that has peppers and onions inside. So when you grill it, it smells and tastes just like sausage peppers and onions and well, I’m Sicilian so you can only imagine how much I loved it!!😊💖 As for the books, hell, after I check some more blog posts, I’m going to browse!! I don’t care! I will take all the books they want to give me!😂😂😂😂😂hahahaha💖💖

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      1. 😂 I can see you rubbing your hands together! I didn’t know you are Sicilian! We went to Sicily a few years ago and were greeted with a cannoli and a fiery hot drink I am blanking on the name. I think I swooned! I love cannoli! Have fun shopping! ♥️ 💗

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