How to gain followers and interactions

Thank you Marie! This is great advice!!😊

It’s been a little while since I wrote about blogging on here. Many people have asked me about my blogging organisation and spreadsheets and if you’re interested about that, please let me know in comments and I will gladly do something about this later on, even if it should probably take me about 5 hours to write it down somehow? (okay. like every other blogging post I do #oops)

ANYWAY, today I thought I’d tackle a kind of popular topic around the blogosphere and actually talk about numbers. As you know, I might not be a fan of numbers, because all of our lives revolve around numbers, while these definitely aren’t everything. Yet, we can’t deny the rush we feel about new blog followers, new comments in our notifications tab and so on.

So today I am sharing how I do it all. I’m definitely not the biggest book…

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