One Good Man

Emma Scott

Emma Scott has quickly become one of my favorite authors. As soon as I learn she has a new book out I run to it and that is exactly what happened with ONE GOOD MAN. It takes place in the 1970’s, when I was growing up, and it brought back lots of memories. Janey is sent away to Paris to finish her education as her father is worried about the trouble she keeps getting into. She was taking pictures of Vietnam War protesters in California. When the police arrive to break up the crowd, they think Janey is a protester and she is arrested. So off to France she goes because her dad feels like she is throwing away her life.

ONE GOOD MAN is a novella but don’t let that stop you from reading it. It’s only fifteen chapters, two parts, but it sure does punch you right in your gut. Janey is now a reporter and she is looking for that big break. She wants to write stories with substance and that matter to readers. She is beyond disappointed when she is sent to interview Adrian, a super hot soccer player. She figures she will be meeting the arrogant and stuck up star of the team but when she does get to know him a bit more, she realizes she stereotyped him and is dead wrong about him. He is also a medical student and that is true dream, he wants to help people.

At first you will think that ONE GOOD MAN is a sports romance taking place in a war torn era but you soon learn it is so much more. It is all about a two people trying to chase their dreams and the circumstances that hold them back. The attraction between Janey and Adrian is instant and it was fun watching them trying to fight it. Adrian has so many layers and as Janey discovers them she realizes just how wrong she was about him. Emma Scott had my emotions on quite the emotional roller coaster ride and that is one of the reasons why I love her writing so much. You never know what to expect with her writing and her characters. When you think you have them all figured out, she throws a wrench into your thinking and you get smacked in the face with just how wrong you are! As Adrain was struggling with the fact that he had nothing to give Janey she makes him finally believe that she wants nothing but him. Keep the tissues close by, you are going to need them.


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