The Elizas

Sara Shepard

Received from Atria Books

Eliza is rescued from the bottom of a hotel pool. Her family believes it’s another failed suicide attempt, but Eliza feels certain she was pushed. Of course, no one believes her and she is determined to find the person who tried to kill her and find out why. THE ELIZAS is such a thrilling creepy ride so hang on tight. This story was a little confusing to me at first but once I settled down, I was totally invested in Eliza’s story and was hoping she could figure out what really happened.

Eliza tracks down the only witness, the man who rescued her from the bottom of the pool. After talking with him she is even more confused than ever but is determined to figure out what happened and who did this to her. Why would someone want her dead? At the same time, she is getting ready to publish her first novel and soon it feels like her life becomes the story she wrote. THE ELIZAS has everyone, including Eliza herself, wondering if she is finally losing her mind for good. Sara Shepard really plays with the reader’s mind and will have them questioning what is truth and what is fiction.

THE ELIZAS jumps back and forth between the present and Eliza’s novel. Pay attention, be patient and read on. Sara Shepard continues to throw the reader curve balls and keeps them guessing right up until the end of the story. Will Eliza ever be able to untangle the web of lies to finally figure out who tried to kill her? How does her upcoming novel, The Dots, a story she wrote after she had surgery for a brain tumor, fit in to what has happened at the pool that night, or does it? Just when the reader has it all figured out, the twists and turns take them into a different direction and leaves them scratching their heads. That is exactly what happened to me. I’ve never read Sara Shepard before, but after reading THE ELIZAS I think I’m going to read her Little Liars series soon.




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