Small Town Hearts

Ruth Logan Herne

SMALL TOWN HEARTS is the second book in the Men of Allegany County series. It is a sweet small town story of opposites attract and I was instantly swept away in this beautiful story of Megan and Danny. Megan is leery of Danny and all his charm. She has been left at the alter twice now and she has put up a huge wall around her heart. Megan owns the local candy store and Danny’s family owns a huge candy business. Danny doesn’t tell Megan who he is at first and you can imagine how she feels when she finds out who he is and why he is in town! Hang on to your seats, it’s going to get crazy!!

I read SMALL TOWN HEARTS fairly quickly and was quickly emotionally invested in all of the characters and their troubles. Ruth Logan Herne is a local author and I’m devouring her book list. Her writing always makes me happy and fills my heart with wonderful stories that I just can’t get enough of. Her characters are never perfect, have flaws and troubles, and always make me feel as if I have known them on a personal level for years. They face huge challenges and I am always cheering for them to get through their struggles and find their happy place. SMALL TOWN HEARTS is filled with so many emotions and feelings and you can’t help but have your heart strings pulled as you fall in love with this small town and all of the sweet and wonderful people who live there. Ruthy Herne sure knows how to make her readers hearts swoon and I for one, can not wait to continue this series!


KK~another autumn~_Susan



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